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Monday, February 7, 2011


Hi everyone, hope you are all well. Hope you are coping with the floods, fires, cyclone and heatwave. I think australia is in a bit of shock over what 2011 has brought to our country. I know i am.

Onto something a bit more lighthearted, our february guest designer is......

Mel Pizzinga

Hi Everyone - I am Mel, most know me as as Mad Mel as I am a little crazy, very daggy, and slightly plump too.
When my dreams of becoming a supermodel, singer or actor were squashed due to my lack of good genes, talent and rhythm, I decided to get married (10 yrs ago) and have kidlets instead... at least I made good ones of those. The first one was VERY cute so I had two more and they worked out cute too so I decided not to push my luck.
Four years ago my bestie dragged me, kicking and screaming to a scrapbook night at her local kinder. I loved it from that night and my bank account has never recovered. I also take far too many photos waiting for that perfect "scrapable" photo ... even changing he kids clothing colours to match that perfect themed paper!! Yep I am totally obsessed. I buy all the scrapbook supplies I can hide!!
Recently I have started selling my own line of embellishments and love the "homemade revolution" on at the moment - and love that girls in this industry are willing to share ideas they create too, as well as pieces of there lives. I have made so many friends through scrapbooking and I am TOTALLY addicted.
I am currently designing for Old Favourites Vintage Supplies and Lollipop Ladies which I love and I am SO honoured to have a guest position on "Show us your Stuff". Thanks Kerry.
Check out her blog here.

I have 'known' mel for a little while now and she always manages to make me laugh, and is a very generous person. So i am so thrilled to have her here with us. Here is what she came up with for the feb challenge.

and a close up of that gorgeous heart. Well done mel, its awesome.

Thankyou so much mel for sharing that with us.

How is everyone going with the challenges? Love what you are all coming up with so far.



  1. Gorgeous pic Mel. You really should scrap this one of yourself.
    And I love the LO. That heart is super special and of course the pic of DD.
    Congrats on the GDT. Very proud of you.

  2. YAY!!! Go Mel : ) REally miss having you around in blog land!!! LOVE your SCRUMMY is that heart...very inspiring! Love and Peace xox

  3. wow congrats girlie.... love love that layout, the heart is way to cute, i love your title and subtitle on this, too cute......... and omg pmsl, you gave me a good belly laugh at your bio....... you always can make me laugh

  4. I LOVE the fabric heart and your eclectic mix of goodies. You sound like a lot of fun - it's great to have you here as our guest!

  5. L O V E your layout MEL!!! Soo glad to see you here....

  6. Oh love your layout and that beautiful heart! WOW!So happy to have you here..

  7. thanks so much girls!!! Loved this challenge and I miss you all so much!
    Thanks again Kerry

  8. How wonderful to hear you are just as addicted to scrapping as me. congratulations on your own line of products and your guest spot. I love your stunning layout. Melx