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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Don't forget to include the TRY THIS technique on your entry to be in the running for an extra prize!
See here
Come on everyone let's see your "TRy This" techniques - you know you love winning prizes!!


  1. i love that technique...ive used it on my group 1 entry, and am in the middle of the group 2 challenge and am again using the technique

  2. Oh thank you so much Amanda you rock !!

  3. ok my group 2 layout is done..... do i just link it to the group 1 linky thing, or is group 2's linky thing going to be put up.....sorry, just wanting to link it before i forget lol

  4. just wondering when the group 2 linky thing is going up....mine is done but i cant link yet... thanks

  5. my group 2 layout is done...... i used the try this technique on both challenges, loved trying it....... i cant link my 2nd group layout yet, waiting for the linky thing to go up.......its on my blog though for a looksie